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    Hi. I'm Leo Watkins. President of Wheat Energy. Ten years ago, I saw a need and an opportunity. To provide impartial testing services to local builders that showcased their high quality work. And provided them the tools to take their work even further. Wheat Energy was the answer. We provide independent energy testing and verification services to some of the finest builders thru out Southwest and Southside Virginia. Whether your goal is Energy Star, Passive House, LEED 4 Homes, Earthcraft, Tax Credit, or HERS certification for your new home; Wheat Energy is the place to start. Blower door testing, duct and ventilation system testing, and residential energy modeling are among the services we offer. Contact us today for more info.

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    Blower Door Testing

    Whether you need 1 home tested, or 100,  lakeside mansion or senior apartment - we get it done. Competitive rates, superb service. Don't just guess, KNOW if your home meets today's code requirements.

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    Residential Duct and Air Flow Testing 

    With tighter homes, having a properly designed and functional air strategy is critical. We have the specialized tools to test your systems and provide peace of mind to both you, and your homeowners.

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    Independent 3rd Party Verification

    What we DON'T do, is almost as important as what we DO. We don't sell windows. Or insulation. Or furnaces. So we maintain the INDEPENDENCE necessary so you know you're getting an honest appraisal; not a sales pitch. Such independence is a core requirement when you choose to certify your home for programs like Energy Star, LEED4Homes, Passive House, or Earthcraft. And why so many of your fellow builders think Wheat Energy is the best choice.

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    Energy Modeling and Consultation

    A key service  we provide is Energy Modeling. Using the award winning, industry standard REMRate modeling tool. With the capability to provide detailed answers with ease about how your home uses energy. That allows us to model different ideas, so that YOU can decide what strategy provides the best service for your customers. With the most value. And capable of producing a certified HERS certificate for your home. That can be used for mortgage purposes, sales, tax credits, program certifications - or just good old bragging rights.

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