• Certifications

    A brief description of the most popular programs builders request when using Wheat Energy

    Earthcraft Logo

    One of our most popular offerings. One of many programs offered thru Viridiant; Earthcraft House molds energy efficiency goals with the water management and resource credits. All in an affordable package with local support. Developed and tailored for the unique building needs of the Southeast United States by the prestigious Southface Institute in Atlanta, GA. Flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of builders. With it's resources and training, it is an excellent program for those just entering the certified product field; yet provides a robust platform that meet the needs of builders who are setting the standards.

    energy star home label

    The Energy Star label is one of the most recognized labels in energy efficiency. And you can earn it for your new home. A rigorous program of testing and energy modeling, it combines strict energy efficiency goals with verification and documentation. Which gives homeowners a certification they can trust, and that builder's can market.